Permission Platform: Watch Ads And Earn Crypto!

5 min readMar 7, 2022

Imagine being in complete control of your personal data and even profiting from that data while engaging with brands and browsing the web. Imagine being compensated any time your data is used. Feels good, right? This is exactly what the Permission platform offers you. Watch Ads and earn crypto! But that is not the whole story! Scroll down and discover how to stop being treated like a product and consider whether the ASK coin is a good investment!

What Is Permission Platform?

Permission is a tokenised Web3 advertising platform designed for advertisers to offer consumers crypto rewards for their data and engagement. Permission comes to build relationships between brands and consumers in web3 and the Metaverse. The top 3 Metaverse tokens to watch in 2022 are waiting for you. The Permission platform runs on the Permission blockchain, a fork of Ethereum and is powered by its native currency, ASK, which currently ranks #658. Let’s delve deeper into the Permission platform!

Why Permission?

Permission plays an important role in solving the problems of Web 2.0, including data exploitation and interruptive marketing — check out the differences between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Individuals are tired of being interrupted and treated like a product, and advertisers are tired of wasting their time and money on an inefficient media supply chain with poor standards. Thus, there is a need for new infrastructure and currency to build a new advertising method based on consent and value exchange! The Permission platform was developed with these ideas to tackle the problems mentioned.

How Does Permission Platform Work?

With the Permission platform, individuals will be able to own, control and profit from their data by sharing such data on this Permission-based advertising and data monetisation platform. Permission gives individuals back the ownership of their time and data, and they try to put an end to the interruptive, exploitative advertising models.

What Makes Permission Unique?

Although there are so many cryptocurrency projects working on data privacy, there is no platform that gives users the ability to earn profit from their data within an application or browser without any limitation. Users of the Permission platform are able to securely grant permission and earn from their data across multiple channels and contexts.

What Is Permission Ads?

Permission Ads provide advertisers with first-party data and campaign reporting.

It lets companies display ads in Web3 with a Click to earn crypto. Permission ads incentivise audiences through a global digital currency called ASK. By offering crypto rewards, they prove to customers that their time and data are valuable and try to build trust this way.

What Is Permission.Io Browser Extension? browser extension is a unique feature to earn crypto, currently available in the Google Chrome Web Store. After downloading the browser extension, if you’re shopping on websites like Amazon, you can see pop-ups that offer to pay you some ASK coins if you watch a short advertisement video related to the items you’re searching for. By watching the video, you will earn 10 ASK coins. Unlike popular browser extensions that interrupt, track, and collect personal data without user consent, Permission users are rewarded with ASK for volunteering or ”declaring” their data as they search, shop, and browse.

What Is ASK Coin?

ASK is the native currency for Permission designed to provide utility within the Permission ecosystem and the crypto reward for opting in and engaging with brands. With ASK, users can securely grant permission and monetise their data across the web. Also, advertisers can deploy ASK as an incentive mechanism on their own digital channels, driving loyalty and personalised ad campaigns.

How Much Is ASK Coin?

The price started from $0.00077 on Sep 17, 2020. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, it has had ups and downs and now, on Feb 20, 2022, the current price is about $0.0019 with a circulating supply of 16 Billion ASK coins and a total supply of $100 Billion. According to CoinMarketCap, ASK ranks #658 with a live market cap of 30,221,805 USD.

ASK Coin’s ROI

The quick snapshot at shows us that the annual ROI for ASK coin is about %168, which is a satisfying number. It means if you had invested $100 in ASK one year ago, you would have $268 now. Also, Permission coin (ASK) underperformed in the crypto market, which had 253% growth over the past year. Need more details? Click here.

ASK Coin Popularity

Having a successful cryptocurrency project and levelling up your field means having a great and major community is the golden key. Over the last six months, Permission coin has had a 51% growth on Twitter and got 53K followers. Furthermore, its Reddit account achieved a 66% growth rate.

How To Buy ASK Coin?

To have an ASK coin, first, you need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then you can purchase ASK coin on the majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges that accept credit, debit or bank transfer, including Coinbase, Bitrue,

Who Are The Founders Of Permission Platform?

Charles Silver is the Chief Executive Officer of the Permission platform and has built companies and created liquidity events for shareholders for 30 years. He believed “Individuals are increasingly aware that large brands and tech organisations exploit their personal information. We launched to enable consumers to take control and earn value from their personal data”.

Mohammad Al-Albdullah is the CTO of Permission coin and is responsible for translating strategic company goals into deliverable permission-based products. You can learn more about the team behind the Permission platform here.

Permission Platform’s Roadmap

The team behind the ASK led the web toward a new engagement model. Launching the Google Chrome Browser Extension and Permission Ads is just one of the actions they have taken on their way. You can read more about what they’ve done from their whitepaper. Also, their plan gives us a better view and aids us to find out what they will bring to the table.

Q2 2022

  • PoS Consensus Mechanism & Staking Launch (ASK DeFi Yield Farms)
  • Increase DSP advertiser use cases
  • Implement DSP Optimizations
  • Scale DSP advertiser growth
  • Cultivate Additional Strategic Partners

Q3 2022

  • Android Mobile App
  • Enhanced Web App
  • Customer Data Platform Integration

Q4 2022

  • iOS Mobile App
  • Open API for Publishers to offer to ASK rewards
  • NFT Integration
  • Browser Extension V.2

Is ASK Coin A Good Investment In 2022?

Even a good garden may have some weeds, so does the world of cryptocurrencies! Numerous factors should be considered before investing in any crypto project. Additionally, some crypto projects like Permission are newfound and require time to take form. Put it all together; their main goal is making it possible for you to own and be compensated for your data in Web 3.0. But remember, every project comes with profits and losses, and the market of cryptocurrencies is facing non-stop changes. Keep an eye on all the related news and various factors that could make the projects beneficial or even risky. is here to provide the latest and hottest stories.





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