Melania Trump Purchased The Melania Trump NFT!

2 min readMar 7, 2022

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has launched a collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Reports claim that she — herself — was the buyer of the collection!

Melania Trump Involved In A Tokenised Mystery!

Blockchain permits anonymity, but it is not the most desirable place to hold secrets, especially if you are the former US first lady! However, the wife of former President Donald Trump became involved in this tokenised mystery. According to the blockchain data, the NFT collection by Melania Trump was sold to none other than the artist herself!

Did Melania Trump Purchase The Melania Trump NFT?

According to blockchain data, the 1,799.50 SOL payment for the Melania Trump NFT collection came from an intermediate address, which had received the same funding from the Melania Trump collection’s creator’s address. The same wallet then transmitted 1,800 SOL tokens back to the intermediary address, where they were swapped for USDC stablecoins. Sounds a bit fishy, right?

Melania Trump’s Explanation For The Mystery Transaction

Melania Trump’s office has not yet provided an explanation for the mystery transaction. Even then, the crypto community has concocted its own version of events for the high-profile NFT mystery!

Head Of State: Melania’s NFT Collection

Former first lady Melania Trump introduced the Head of State Collection, i.e., her Non-Fungible Token collection, last month. The set represented President Trump’s first formal state visit. The iconic white hat worn by Melania Trump, a signed watercolour painting by Marc-Antoine Coulon, and a piece of animated digital artwork was among the three artifacts on her display.

Melania’s NFT Collection Is Minted On Which Cryptocurrency?

The ‘Head of State Collection’ was created on the Solana blockchain and put up for auction with a starting offer of $250,000 in Solana tokens.

How Melania Will Spend The Money Earned?

On Jan 25, 2022, the two-week NFT auction ended with the ‘Head of State Collection’ being sold to an unknown bidder for 1,800 SOL tokens worth USD 195,282. Everyone wants to know what this huge amount of money is spent for. Good question! According to Melania Trump’s office, part of the revenues will be given to scholarships for science and technology students in foster care settings.

In Short

Imitating purchasers for your own NFTs is not a new phenomenon in the world of digital assets. In fact, it was rather common during the golden age of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), when the original owners utilised it to enhance the price of their project. The crypto sector will stay in the dark until Melania Trump’s NFT collection developer releases an official statement. If you are eager to know which celebrity or political character will buy new NFTs or take any crypto-related action, visit and its latest news!





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